Canvas Transition Home – After Retirement

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Illinois Compass 2g has retired. Here’s what you should know:

  • You will not be able to log in to to directly access your course content.
  • Knowledgebase articles related to Illinois Compass topics have been disabled or redirected to equivalent topics in Canvas.
  • Your course content and student data has not been lost
    • If you taught a course in Compass any time between Fall 2019 and the end of Spring 2022, your course content has automatically been copied to Canvas. Visit this page to learn more about the automatic content import process.
    • For older course materials and student data, we are developing a process to retrieve course data. However, the data will not be in a readily usable format and may take a significant amount of time to retrieve and format the content. Retrieval will also require a request submitted to Tech Services at

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