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Where we are

In February, the university announced the adoption of Canvas as the campus-supported Learning Management System. Since then, Campus leadership, eLearning professionals, and the Canvas Advisory and Steering Committees have been working diligently on behind-the-scenes preparations. Below, you will find a guided list of actions you can take now, and what we are planning to share in future updates. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Get started

Enroll in Canvas 101

This self-paced course introduces you to the most commonly used tools in Canvas. Note: We recommend Mac users view the Canvas 101 course using Google Chrome.

Attend a Workshop

Live training opportunities are available, with several hands-on introductory workshops to prepare you on building your first course in Canvas. You will learn about Canvas communications tools, course organization, and creating assignments and quizzes. The training calendar will be updated as more opportunities become available.

Decide which migration option works best for you

The link above will provide a summary of the three options available to build your course in Canvas. Once you have decided on your migration method, you will be directed to a separate page with documentation, checklists, and best practices for your chosen method.

Request a new Canvas space

Request a space to use for development/testing or to explore building your course now, including non-registrar affiliated courses. Please note, we are not accepting new requests for Summer 2021 courses in Canvas.

Help and support

If you have any questions about Canvas or need assistance while building your course, all faculty, students, and staff have access to the 24-hour Canvas support hotline (1-833-228-9829) and live chat with Canvas support through our contract.

Next update

We are working to provide information in a future update on:

  • Additional training opportunities
  • Automatic migration timeline and expectations
  • Highlighting more useful features in Canvas
  • Templates
  • Workshop recordings