As you continue to explore and experiment with Canvas, we’ve listed a few features that you can use right now that may assist with content delivery and classroom structure.

New ToolBenefitsHow-To Guide
  • Can easily take attendance based off a class list or seating chart
  • An assignment called Roll Call is created in the course

To access all Canvas Guides related to the Attendance tool, see the Instructor Guide – Attendance section.

  • Calendar automatically populates with items that have Due Dates and “To-Do” dates set by instructors
  • Drag and drop items on calendar to make changes (and automatically update assignment/item settings)
  • Each user also has a personal calendar
  • Allows for multiple views: Week, Month, and Agenda
  • After students submit assignments, these items are automatically crossed off

To access all Canvas Guides related to the Calendar, see the Instructor Guide – Calendar section.

  • Allows faculty and students to easily integrate things like Google Docs and Microsoft Word documents directly in the course
  • NOTE: Availability of specific items, including Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365, will be determined by campus admin and are not yet available
Communication Preferences
  • Instructors and students can add additional contact methods (like text messages) based on their preferences
  • NOTE: Some of the available preferences will be determined by campus admin

To access all Canvas Guides related to Outcomes, see the Instructor Guide – Outcomes section.

  • This is a feature in the Calendar that allows instructors to set up appointment group times for student sign-up

Similar to Blackboard’s online grading feature but includes additional useful features:

  • Annotate submissions by adding comments, highlighting text, and drawing
  • Ability to grade with Canvas Instructor App
  • Record audio and video feedback for student submissions
  • Use speech-to-text to give feedback (in Chrome)

To access all Canvas Guides related to the SpeedGrader, see the Instructor Guide – SpeedGrader section.

  • Items listed in the Course Summary are automatically hyperlinked to content
  • Course summary provides organizational view of course based on due dates and calendar events
  • New assignments and quizzes automatically are added to the syllabus tool
  • If your gradebook uses weights, this is automatically updated

Canvas Highlights

To introduce the Canvas LMS, the Grainger College of Engineering created a short video that highlights several important features in Canvas. These key attributes demonstrate the potential to create a dynamic space for students to engage in your courses within Canvas

We are working on providing more highlights like these in the May update.