Blackboard to Canvas Comparison Chart

Blackboard/Compass 2g Equivalent in Canvas How to guide Notable Differences
Announcements Announcements
  • Students can comment reply (if allowed)
Assessment Assignments
  • Newly created Assignments are automatically added to the Assignment page, Syllabus and Calendar.
Module Page or Content Page Modules
  • View and track historical versions of pages
Discussion Board Discussions
Grade Center Grade Book
  • Students can enter “What-If” grades to calculate hypothetical grades
Groups Groups
Properties Settings
Rubrics Rubrics
Statistic Tracking Course/Student Analytics
  • Charts and graphs are easier to read and infer information from
Tests, Surveys, and Pools Quizzes
  • “Hot Spot” question type

No Direct Equivalent

Blackboard/Compass 2g Options in Canvas Suggested Solution
Journal Text Assignment Submission Canvas does not have a separate Journal tool. Users are encouraged to create a Text Entry Assignment instead. 
Assessment Discussion Board or 3rd party tool Have students use a 3rd party application such as and share the URL with the class or create them their own Discussion Board in the course or a Group
Wikis Pages with adjusted editing permissions The workaround does not work as cleanly as wikis, however Pages will work. You’ll need to change the permissions of that page to allow students to edit.
Manual Grade Column New Assignment -> No Submission You cannot add a manual grade column directly to the Grade Book in Canvas (as you can in Blackboard). You must create a new assignment, and in the “Submission Type” settings, set to “No Submission.” How do I create assignmnent columns for non-submission Assignments?