Request a Canvas Space

  1. Login using your NetID at

  2. Once logged in, you will see six different space types available.

Select Registrar-Affiliated Space for a space that will have student rosters added. Please note, the remaining steps below are for a development space. Requesting a Registrar-Affiliated Space requires some additional steps about your course and sections. Detailed instructions can be found in this help article.

Select Development Space if you need a space to build and test features, but not ready to have students use the content in an upcoming semester.

    1. On the next screen, the space requestor and space owner fields will be populated with your NetID. If you are ordering a space for yourself, you can leave these fields as is, or you can add another user’s NetID to request a development space on their behalf. Click the Next button when you’re ready to proceed.

Screenshot of the

  1. Select the space owner’s Unit and then Department from the available options; then click Next.

Screenshot of the menu in which users will select their

  1. Give the development space a title. For easy identification, we recommend that you include your last name within the title.

Screenshot of the text box in which users can enter a title for the course they're requesting

6. This final screen will allow you to preview your development space settings before submitting. If everything looks correct, click on Submit. You can edit any field by clicking on the appropriate link, or use the back button to navigate to previous screens.

Screenshot of the request confirmation page, which shows users the options they have selected and includes a

Once you have submitted your request, you should see a verification screen notifying you that the request was successful. This information will also be sent to your email, and you will receive a follow-up email once the space is created. Most space requests are completed within a few hours but may take up to two days depending upon the volume of incoming requests.

To access your new Canvas development space, log in at and you will see your Canvas Dashboard.